As a recovery community organization, PRCC’s mission is to provide support, education and resources for people recovering from and affected by addiction, and to spread the message of hope throughout the state of Maine.

PRCC’s vision is that every person affected by addiction in Maine will have direct access to a local recovery community center that provides support, education, and individual resources to enhance their ability to heal, strengthen and grow in their recovery pathway, throughout all stages of their journey.

PRCC on Bishop Street in Portland provides a safe haven for people in recovery and offers a home for meetings and activities devoted to recovery from substance use disorder and other addictions. PRCC is operated by staff and volunteers who are passionate about recovery, and every activity is designed to help people with their daily recovery efforts.

Our center welcomes all who are taking steps to recover.

PRCC offers peer support to individuals who use a variety of recovery pathways and we honor each person’s unique recovery journey.  We know from experience that successful recovery from drugs and alcohol requires support from others.  

We carry hope and support to those who recover and their loved ones in a community setting. By serving as positive community members, we demonstrate that recovery works to transform lives.


PRCC promotes self-determination, equality, and respect for people in recovery.

PRCC’s programs, services, and groups are member driven and open to all who wish to participate. Membership and programs are offered free of charge.

PRCC honors, respects, and supports many pathways of recovery.

PRCC recognizes the hope and possibility of sustainable recovery and that each person’s recovery journey is uniquely their own.

PRCC promotes a holistic approach to recovery, which is infused in all programs, outreach activities, and partnerships.

PRCC is committed to honest and ethical stewardship of resources and of our members gifts and service to the community.

PRCC embraces families, friends, and allies, and views recovery as involving a broad circle of community.

PRCC advocates and mobilizes the voices of people in recovery in defining solutions to addiction and strategies for supporting recovery.

PRCC seeks to collaborate, share its experience, and assist other recovery community organizations in building equal opportunity state-wide for access to recovery resources and supports.

PRCC believes in the power of love and service as central to recovery. We speak and act from the heart.


Leslie Clark, MSW

Leslie Clark, MSW

Executive Director

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Leslie leads PRCC’s mission and vision in the community, and throughout Maine. Leslie is passionate about recovery. She loves being part of the vibrant, caring, and committed recovery community, and helping spread hope to those who are in need.

Leslie has been in long-term recovery since 1989. She believes that the joy and freedom of recovery is possible for everyone when the right resources and support are available.

Prior to coming to PRCC, Leslie served in key leadership roles in nonprofit community health, mental health, advocacy, and residential treatment. Leslie lives in Portland and enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling the world, gardening, and singing.

Nancy Cormier

Nancy Cormier

Program Manager

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Nancy has been at PRCC since we opened our doors in 2011. She brings a warm heart and great caring to our many members, and is always available to help someone in need with her gentle and compassionate way. Nancy manages PRCC’s programming, including at the Cumberland County jail and she oversees peer recovery support services, and maintains the schedules.

Nancy is a CCAR trained recovery coach, and also a CCAR recovery coach trainer.

Nancy has been in long-term recovery since 2005.  In her free time, Nancy enjoys spending time with her family, especially her son Miles and walks with Murry, the PRCC mascot.

Nicole Proctor

Nicole Proctor

Program Director, Maine Recovery Hub

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Nicole is a person in long-term recovery and Program Director of the Maine Recovery Hub at PRCC. Nicole joined PRCC in 2018 and has since worked with many communities throughout Maine to establish and build recovery community centers in their area, providing education, technical assistance and trainings to grow Maine’s statewide network of recovery community centers.

Nicole has a passion for helping break the stigma of substance use disorder and bringing peer recovery support to underserved areas throughout our state. Nicole is grateful for all that recovery has given back to her in her life, especially connection with family and the ability to show others that recovery is possible. 

Dave Durrell

Dave Durrell

Business Manager

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Dave joined PRCC in early 2021, and is very happy to be working in support of the recovery community. Dave handles the day-to-day bills and the like to help all of the talented people here at PRCC do what they do.

Dave ran his own millwork business for many years, and brings 30 years of experience in business operations and management. He is pleased to be counting differences in people’s lives, and not just widgets.

He lives with his wife and their dog in Hollis, where he is happily sober, and enjoys music, golf, gardening, cooking and life.

KiM Capone-Sprague, MSW
Peer Recovery Coach Coordinator
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Kim is a trained CCAR recovery Coach and oversees all of PRCC’s peer recovery coaching and the Telephone Recovery Support program.

Kim is passionate about recovery because her life changed 100% since working a program of recovery in 2012. Kim enjoys life, running, skiing, spending time with my family or just being by the ocean.

Justin Reid
Recovery Hub Coach Coordinator
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Justin coordinates the peer recovery coach program and training throughout the entire state of Maine, working with new recovery community centers as part of PRCC’s Recovery Hub. Justin provides leadership in building a statewide sustainable recovery coach network, including establishing a process for recovery coach certification. Justin is also one of PRCC’s first trainers for the Recovery Coach Academy.

Justin is engaged in a path of recovery, that works for him, since December of 2014. In his spare time, Justin loves being outdoors, either near the ocean or in the woods.

Ali Bland, MSW
Administrative Coordinator
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Ali (she/her/hers) joined the PRCC family in October 2020 as an Administrative Coordinator. Ali manages registration and training coordination, and provides administrative support to statewide recovery community centers through the recovery hub. Prior to coming to PRCC, Ali’s experience focused on program evaluation, trauma-informed care, restorative justice, human trafficking, and anti-violence services in Vermont, Colorado and Maine.

Ali entered recovery in 2011, and has an abundance of gratitude and love for the recovery community, which has been at the center of her healing journey. When Ali is not working, she enjoys seeing live music, hiking, playing disc golf, and spending time with her dog and cats.

Lily Greenberg, MFA
Communications Specialist

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Lily is a writer and poet from Nashville, Tennessee. She manages communications for the Center and Hub, including social media, newsletters, and website.

Lily’s recovery journey began first as a person with family members in recovery, and she has been pursuing her own recovery since 2018. Recovery means to her a turning towards what makes her feel whole. She believes this is possible for anyone who wants it.

Lily holds an MFA in poetry from the University of New Hampshire and a BA in French and creative writing from Gordon College. When not writing, she enjoys hiking, bookbinding, and going to the movies.

Tesla Bartone
Volunteer Coordinator

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Tesla joined the PRCC team in summer 2021 as volunteer coordinator. In her role, she onboards, manages, and supports all of PRCC’s lovely volunteers. Tesla holds an associate’s degree from Seattle Central college. She has experience facilitating 12-step groups in intensive outpatient facilities, as well as in-house at a women’s extended care facility.

Being part of a passionate, talented nonprofit has always been her dream–and now it’s a reality for her at PRCC. She is specifically excited to be working with volunteers, because volunteering is an important part of her recovery journey and healing process.  Working an active program of recovery has transformed her life and set her on a journey of seeking to be useful. When not at work, Tesla enjoys hiking, running, painting, and baking with her sourdough starter, Millie.   

Tess Parks
Recovery Rising Coordinator
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Tess (she/her/hers) joined the PRCC HUB team in November 2021 as the Recovery Rising Coordinator. In this role, she provides organizational support for Recovery Rising, recruits and sustains members, provides public education, and develops trainings and opportunities for raising awareness.

Tess has been in long-term recovery from substance use disorder since 2014. She believes that recovery can be obtained through many pathways and that recovery is possible for individuals, families, and communities. She feels that advocacy and public education are both critical to fighting stigma by changing hearts and minds and spreading the hope of recovery.  

She holds a BA in Psychology from American University and a MPPM from the University of Southern Maine’s Muskie School of Public Service. Outside of work, Tess enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing softball with her recovery-oriented team the “Jaywalkers”, listening to podcasts, and spending time outdoors.

Sandy Mekonis
Executive Assistant
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Sandy joined the PRCC team full time in August 2021. She provides administrative support for the Maine Peer Recovery Coach Certification Board, fundraising, capital campaign and more! She is happy to be working back in the non-profit world after taking break when her daughter was born in 2005. Sandy loves the atmosphere at PRCC and while not in recovery herself, she is excited to be part of such important work in our community and to be collaborating with such an inspiring group of people. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, two dogs, two cats and can most often be found reading or walking on the beach. 

Matt Brown
Peer Recovery Support Specialist
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Matt supports PRCC in many ways including recovery coaching, telephone recovery support, and with his positive, can-do attitude! Matt serves as liaison to Operation Hope, training and supporting Angel volunteers and working with the Scarborough Police Department.

Matt has been in recovery since 2002. In his free time, he enjoys spending time canoeing, camping, and vacationing in Lubec, Maine with family, friends, and his dog Teddy.

Erin McKinney
Peer Recovery Coach (Crossroads)
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Erin McKinney provides recovery coaching at Crossroads as part of an innovative project with PRCC. Erin is a CCAR trained recovery coach and also a recovery coach academy trainer.

Erin has been in recovery since May of 2018. She has a background in studying world religions, spirituality and conflict transformation and holds a Master of Divinity from Boston University. Through her experience, she learned the importance of having safe spaces and how important it is to learn about and respect different paths and ways of thinking. She loves being a part of PRCC because PRCC models that. She loves recovery coaching because it provides safe, non-judgmental space for people to explore their own recovery process, find what is important to them and begin to heal. She is grateful to witness others transform and find their path to recovery, especially after experiencing her own and the beauty that it continues to offer. 

Liz Holder
Peer Recovery Support Specialist
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Liz is a part-time staff member at PRCC.  She has worked in the recovery community for 20 years and at the PRCC since 2013. Liz hosts the H.O.P.E. group meetings as a volunteer here at the center.

Liz has been in long-term recovery since November 1986. In her free time, she enjoys art projects, poetry, and spending time with her dog and cats.

Andrea Napolitano
Peer Recovery Support Specialist
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Andrea has been a part-time staff member at PRCC since 2015. She has been in long-term recovery since 1987. For Andrea, working at the PRCC is a joy because she has the opportunity to meet so many of the wonderful people in the recovery community.

Andrea enjoys spending her time at the beach where she found her Higher Power.

Susie McKenna
Peer Recovery Coach (York County)
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Susie works part-time at PRCC, and provides peer recovery coaching at York Hospital as part of PRCC’s partnership with their Recovery Center. Susie is a CCAR trained Recovery Coach, as well as a recovery coach academy trainer.

Susie has been in long-term recovery since 2012. In her free time, Susie enjoys volunteering in her community and serving as a member of the board of directors for Crossroads. Susie also enjoys running and spending time with her family and friends.

Mike Bunker
Peer Recovery Support Specialist

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Mike has been with the PRCC since May of 2021. Prior to that, he worked five years at Milestone Recovery in the housing and outreach department. At PRCC, his primary role is helping people who come in with recovery needs. He also helps when it comes to various maintenance projects, especially those that are labeled “assembly required.” Mike’s hobbies include woodworking and occasionally doing stand up comedy.  Mike loves working at the PRCC and looks forward to many more years to come with the organization.

Danielle Megalaitis
Peer Recovery Coach (Day One)
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Danielle is a trained CCAR recovery coach who provides peer recovery coaching to adolescents in Day One, a teen substance use treatment program. Prior to joining PRCC as a recovery coach, she served as a volunteer. As a person in long-term recovery, and someone who has experienced loss due to substance use, Danielle is passionate about the work happening at PRCC. She is excited to be part of this movement to spread hope throughout the state of Maine.

Laura Chritton
Peer Mom Recovery Coach (Northern Light Mercy)
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Laura is a CCAR trained Peer Mom Recovery Coach, working part-time with PRCC supporting pregnant and parenting moms at Northern Light Mercy Hospital and its MaineMOM program.

She (and her therapy-dog Gaia) recently relocated to Portland from Boston, MA and are both excited to join the PRCC team. Laura is in long term addiction recovery.

She has a varied professional background in opera performance, voice instruction, water fitness, aquatic personal training, human resources, trauma-sensitive yoga facilitation (currently in training), and now her ultimate calling of Recovery Coaching. Laura appreciates her careers’ common theme of helping individuals discover their inner resource of strength.

Laura’s passions include everything related to the ocean (beach walking, paddle boarding & swimming), hiking, biking and practicing yoga. Laura believes that everyone has a power in them that is greater than any obstacle in front of them and that working together…recovery works!


John Buro, President
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John Buro is Chief Operating Officer at Pinetree Recovery Center. John has been working in the addiction and mental health field for over 10 years. He studied behavioral health in Southern Maine and addiction psychology through SNHU. Finding long term recovery through a 12-step retreat, John has been active in the Portland recovery community and has dedicated much of his time supporting families of individuals struggling with addiction. Taking a lead role in founding The Family Restored, he serves on the board of the organization, assisting families and their loved ones find support and treatment. John is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug counselor and has worked directly with treatment providers in Maine, New Hampshire and Florida. His passion is working with addicted individuals and their families.

Eric Saunders, Vice President
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Eric Saunders is a partner at Bernstein Shur, with over 40 years of experience as an attorney. He’s worked on appellate litigation, municipal law, ERISA, securities law, tax law, corporate and partnership law, health care law, and housing law. In his work, Eric focuses on counseling businesses on everything from governance to executive compensation. He is also a dedicated member of the law firm’s health care practice, for which he covers both the regulatory and transactional aspects, including mergers and acquisitions. Eric graduated with an AB from Harvard, and received his law degree from Boston University. Eric enjoys the outdoors, and also painting and woodworking. Eric has been an active member of the Portland recovery community for 25 years.

Justin Fenty, Treasurer
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Justin Fenty is passionate about and invested in strengthening the greater Portland community. Being in long-term substance use recovery himself, he brings authentic perspective and real life experience to his position on the PRCC board. Justin is deeply connected to the recovery community in the greater Portland area through sponsorship, fellowship, and service. Justin graduated Suma Cum Laude from USM with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration. While a student at USM he was inducted into Phi Kappa Phi, a national honors society for academics, and Beta Gamma Sigma, an exclusive business honors society. Justin exercises his love of nature and adventure as an avid traveler, outdoorsman, Eagle Scout and certified Wilderness First Responder. He works as a commercial insurance underwriter and additionally serves on the board of directors for Camp Ketcha. Justin lives with his wife and two children in Brunswick, Maine.

Jonathan Fellers, PhD, Secretary
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Jonathan Fellers is an addiction psychiatrist and a Maine native.  He grew up in New Gloucester before earning his Bachelor’s of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his medical degree from Cornell University Medical College. He completed his psychiatry residency at the University of Virginia where he served as Chief Resident. He then went to Oregon Health and Science University for a fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry and a postdoctoral fellowship at the MIRECC Portland VA Health Care System. Dr. Fellers returned to Maine in September 2015 to head up the new Integrated Medication Assisted Therapy Team (IMAT) at Maine Medical Center. He currently is in private practice, and also serves as Medical Director for Crossroads, as well as for Discovery House. His expertise is broadly sought after and he frequently speaks locally, regionally, and nationally. 

Dan Reardon
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Dan Reardon serves as Constituent Service Representative for United States Senator Angus King.  Dan is a business executive whose work experience includes roles such as President of G.H. Bass and Company, General Manager of the Enterprise division of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Chief Executive Officer of H.P. Fairfield, Inc. and Consultant to L.L. Bean with primary responsibility for the retail store expansion program.  Dan has also served as a consultant to the Muskie Institute, where he was responsible for evaluating and streamlining the distribution of child welfare services provided by various state agencies, and as Executive Director of Stone Soup foods, a social enterprise in the Portland Public Market.

Whitney Reynolds Waxman
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Whitney Reynolds Waxman is co-owner and founder of American Roots in Westbrook Maine, a company that she founded with her husband, Ben Waxman.  Launched in 2015, American Roots is a family run textile business that trains and hires stitchers in Portland Maine, creating American-made polartec fleece apparel. American Roots has been featured in many news articles, including the Washington Post, for their mission and commitment to American made products of quality and model employment practices. With the onset of COVID-19, American Roots quickly pivoted to begin manufacturing personal protective equipment, and is a major supplier in Maine for masks and other gear.

Whitney was born and raised in Rochester, N.Y., spent her high school years in Australia, and then returned to the United States for college, earning a degree in anthropology from Fordham University. She took a variety of jobs, ranging from events coordinator to bartender, before moving to Portland to be near her sister. She also met Ben, who was back home in Maine from Washington, D.C. and wanted to start a business and create jobs.

Kerry MacDonald
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Kerry MacDonald is the owner and operator of Beacon Recovery Services in Portland, a recovery services organization that provides a range of services ranging from family interventions to sober living.  Beacon House provides a structured sober living home for women, including house meetings, programing, family support, and supervision of house management.  Kerry also serves as a registered dietitian consultant for Pine Tree Recovery Center, and has an extensive professional background in nutrition and health care.  Prior to founding Beacon House in 2017, Kerry was director of women’s extended care at the Plymouth House in Portland and program director for the Family Restored sober living.

Christine Burke Worthen, Esq.
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Christine Burke Worthen provides legal and strategic guidance on managed care and value-based contracting across all service lines at Northern Light Health. She also provides ERISA counsel and other legal guidance related to the system’s welfare and retirements benefit plans. Her managed care and value-based legal counsel covers areas such as compliance with Medicare Advantage plan rules, emerging payment models, CMMI initiatives, including MSSP and Primary Care First, telehealth, as well as privacy and security matters related to data integration for value-based reimbursement models. Prior to assuming her latest role, she was Chair of the Healthcare Services Practice Group at Pierce Atwood in Portland, ME and Boston, MA where she guided health care organizations on managed care contracting, accountable care organizations and other emerging reimbursement models, risk based contracting, network design, telemedicine, health privacy and security laws, (including HIPAA), and the 340b federal drug pricing program. She also provided counsel to healthcare organizations in the design and implementation of telemedicine programs and guided on compliance with the various state and federal laws that impact telemedicine such as state licensure, scope of practice, reimbursement, privacy and security, fraud and abuse, and contracting. She practiced with Nelson Mullins Broad and Cassel prior to joining Pierce Atwood. She began her career with Grant Thornton in Boston, MA. She holds an L.L.M in Taxation from Boston University School of Law, a J.D. from New England Law, and received her B.A., cum laude, from Boston University.

Kendra B. Connelly, LCSW
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Kendra B. Connelly, LCSW, is a professional social worker with more than 25 years’ experience in Maine and New Hampshire. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Plymouth State University and her Master’s in Social Work from the University of New England.

Her career includes work at the Maine Youth Center, Preble Street and The Opportunity Alliance in Portland, where she served as Clinical Director of the residential program MaineStay for 15 years. In that role, she helped build and sustain a program that served 18-to-25-year-olds with a dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance use disorder, earning her recognition from the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. Currently, she is a private practice counselor in the Portland area. She has served as a member of the Board of The Salvation Army, Community Housing of Maine (CHoM), the Maine Association of Recovery Residences (MARR) and the Bayside Neighborhood Association.

Kevin D’Amboise
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Kevin D’Amboise has a professional background in real estate. He is a native Mainer from Lewiston, graduating from St. Dominic High School.  Kevin continued his education at the University of Maine at Portland-Gorham taking business and real estate classes.  From there, he became a real estate broker and a real estate investor in the Greater Portland area.

Kevin has been a part of the recovery community since 1995 and is very grateful to have found sobriety in such a strong recovery-based community. He sits on the Greater Portland Landlord’s Association Board, the Dignity First Board as well as the Maine Immigration Coalition Board.  

Kevin enjoys traveling with his wife Cecile, and outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, biking, boating, swimming, and walking his dog Riley.


Interested in sharing your experience to help others and keep our center going?

Volunteers at Portland Recovery Community Center are an integral part of our overall mission. We could not exist without them! We are founded on the premise of providing “peer-to-peer” recovery support and building community to provide a safe haven for people from every addiction recovery pathway. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to help people from your community who are on a lifelong journey of recovery from addiction, and to spread the message of hope to others.

There are many ways to volunteer at PRCC.

Volunteers can work at the center as Front Desk-Visitor Service Volunteers, Special Services and Skill Volunteers, Cleaning and Grounds Volunteers, and Administrative projects.

Telephone Recovery Support Volunteers and Recovery Coaches provide direct support to people in recovery – we provide the training!

Starting a new group, speaking at events, and helping with fund-raising projects are also ways to volunteer at PRCC.

For more information, call 207-553-2575 or email

PRCC has moved!

We are excited to have moved into PRCC’s new building at 102 Bishop Street and opened on THURSDAY, APRIL 22! We will be experiencing construction over the coming months, but we are continuing to operate both in-person and virtually. This transition is an important step towards providing a larger space for our growing community to meet safely and offer more room to provide meetings, activities and peer support for the recovery community in Portland and the state of Maine. We cannot wait to see how our community transforms PRCC’s new home. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below, and for any additional questions on our big move, call the PRCC at (207) 553-2575.

Where is the new center located?

Our new center is located at 102 Bishop Street, Portland, ME. The building is conveniently located just off Forest Avenue (Route 302) and is only a three-mile drive north from Downtown Portland. It is a standalone building with plenty of onsite parking for guests!

Is public transportation available?

Yes! The Greater Portland Metro public bus service routes 2 and 9A/B run throughout the week and stop within walking distance of 102 Bishop Street. For more information on bus routes, please access the Greater Portland Metro maps and schedules HERE.

Additionally, you can access information on Portland’s community rideshare services in addition to public transportation HERE ( and HERE (

How can I contact PRCC at the new center?

Our center phone number and staff email addresses are staying the same after we move. You can reach us at (207) 553-2575 or contact us via email any time.

What are your current hours?
  • Monday-Friday 8am-8 pm
  • Saturday 11am-7 pm
  • Sunday 8am-12pm
What COVID-19 restrictions are in place for meeting in-person at the new center?
  • As of 8/13/21, all visitors regardless of vaccination status must wear a mask indoors. Masks are not required outside.
  • Guests do not need to call ahead of time before attending a meeting at the new center but will be asked to check-in upon their arrival.
  • Anyone who is feeling sick should not come to the center.
  • All visitors should continue to frequently wash and sanitize hands.
How can I help?
  • Keep an eye on our online calendar for any meetings happening this week; sign-up for our Monthly Newsletter to stay in-the-loop; and like us on Facebook!
  • Spread the word! Sharing our messages on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and forwarding our Newsletters to your own personal networks helps our community grow!