As a recovery community organization, PRCC organizes recovery-focused policy advocacy activities, carries out recovery-focused community education and outreach programs, and works to mobilize resources.

Our advocacy is aimed at promoting policies that widen the doorways of recovery, and assure resources to increase the potential of finding and sustaining quality long-term recovery. The focus of public education is to eliminate the stigma of addiction and discriminatory policies and practices.

One way we do this by sharing the hope and healing power of recovery through our own stories and civic engagement. At PRCC we believe that it’s important to communicate the reality of long-term recovery, our stories of success, and the many pathways of recovery that are available.


Recovery Rising is the organized voice of Maine’s recovery movement through the Recovery Hub at PRCC. Recovery Rising puts a face and voice to recovery, and uses our collective experience and wisdom to inform public education and advance just public policy and resources. Maine Recovery Rising is made up of people in recovery from substance use disorder and other addictions, family members, and recovery community centers’ members, staff and volunteers. We welcome allies from law enforcement, health care, substance use treatment, and advocacy organizations to collaborate in our work to make recovery resources available to all.

To add your voice, join Maine Recovery Rising.