Recovery Hub

Portland Recovery Community Center is home to the Maine Recovery Hub and is working with seven new “recovery spokes” (local recovery community centers) to develop a statewide network of recovery coaches, support services, prevention efforts, and advocacy.  The seven spokes are:

As the Recovery Hub, PRCC provides training and technical support to develop Maine’s network of recovery coaches trained in the “CCAR” model (Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery) and is developing a certification process for recovery coaches. PRCC helps coordinate local efforts to link recovery coaches to community settings, treatment providers, emergency rooms, and more. Each peer recovery community center has its own team of volunteer coaches to deploy within the local centers and in the community, building recovery capital with individuals and communities. In time, the network of coaches throughout the state will be dense and integrated and will connect with law enforcement, educational institutions, health care providers, including emergency rooms in their local areas, and other organizations.

The Recovery Hub also supports the Maine Recovery Coalition, which organizes statewide recovery advocacy and is a new and important addition to Maine’s recovery movement.  The coalition is made up of people in recovery from substance and alcohol use disorder, family members, recovery community center staff and volunteers, and allies from law enforcement, health care, substance use treatment, and advocacy organizations.  

PRCC is proud to lead and mobilize the independent voice of recovery in Maine, along with other RCOs in Maine and across the nation.