About Us

PRCC is a Recovery Community Organization (RCO)
and differs from treatment or mutual aid groups.

PRCC is a recovery community organization (RCO), which differs significantly from addiction treatment organizations and recovery mutual aid groups. RCOs are independent, meaning that they are usually not part of organizations involved in activities beyond recovery-focused public education and policy advocacy and the delivery of peer-based recovery support services.  We are led by individuals representative of the recovery community.  We are committed to recovery-related social change and we invest in organizing recovery resources within our local communities.  Like all RCOs, PRCC celebrates the multiple pathways of recovery and offers resources to help people access those frameworks of recovery.   

Our services to individuals and their families are focused on peer-based, non-clinical recovery support services.  We bridge the gap between a clinical treatment episode and long-term recovery.  

PRCC staff and volunteers do not provide professional assessment nor do we provide addiction counseling or related clinical services. 

PRCC makes conscious effort to achieve cultural diversity and emphasis on leadership development within the recovery community (e.g., building advocacy skills.) We emphasize people’s recovery potential rather than their historical problems and pathologies. We develop and adhere to core recovery values and ethical guidelines to govern the organizational and volunteer decision-making in advocacy and peer-support activities.   

    PRCC Values

    PRCC promotes self-determination, equality, and respect for people in recovery. PRCC’s programs, services, and groups are member driven and open to all who wish to participate. Membership and programs are offered free of charge.

    • PRCC honors, respects, and supports many pathways of recovery. 
    • PRCC recognizes the hope and possibility of sustainable recovery and that each person’s recovery journey is uniquely their own. 
    • PRCC promotes a holistic approach to recovery, which is infused in all programs, outreach activities, and partnerships. 
    • PRCC is committed to honest and ethical stewardship of resources and of our members’ gifts and service to the community. 
    • PRCC embraces families, friends, and allies, and views recovery as involving a broad circle of community. 
    • PRCC advocates and mobilizes the voices of people in recovery in defining solutions to addiction and strategies for supporting recovery. 
    • PRCC seeks to collaborate, share its experience, and assist other recovery community organizations in building equal opportunity state-wide for access to recovery resources and supports. 
    • PRCC believes in the power of love and service as central to recovery. We speak and act from the heart.