Portland Recovery Community Center partners with Scarborough Police Department in the innovative Operation HOPE initiative, providing connections to treatment and recovery resources whenever someone seeking help for addiction comes through the police department’s doors. Operation HOPE’s mission is to enable Mainers suffering from addiction to seek help and experience recovery. Modeled after a similar program in Gloucester https://gloucesterpd.com/addicts/  Operation HOPE allows individuals to come to the police department and voluntarily turn in drugs and paraphernalia without fear of arrest.  Instead, they are treated with compassion, care, respect and concern, and assisted with placement into treatment.

Operation HOPE relies heavily on the help of “Angels.”  Portland Recovery Community Center recruits, trains, and dispatches these Angel volunteers to the police department. Angels are compassionate individuals from the recovery community who care about helping others and who carry the message of hope.

The program aims to reduce overdose deaths and help people access lifesaving health treatment through its collaborative partnerships, regardless of insurance or income. Mainers from every corner of the State are turning to Operation HOPE for access to recovery services. Over 350 individuals have been helped by Operation HOPE to date.