PRCC Values

PRCC Values

  • PRCC promotes self-determination, equality, and respect for people in recovery. PRCC’s programs, services, and groups are member driven and open to all who wish to participate. Membership and programs are offered free of charge. 

  • PRCC honors, respects, and supports many pathways of recovery. 

  • PRCC recognizes the hope and possibility of sustainable recovery and that each person’s recovery journey is uniquely their own. 

  • PRCC promotes a holistic approach to recovery, which is infused in all programs, outreach activities, and partnerships. 

  • PRCC is committed to honest and ethical stewardship of resources and of our members’ gifts and service to the community. 

  • PRCC embraces families, friends, and allies, and views recovery as involving a broad circle of community. 

  • PRCC advocates and mobilizes the voices of people in recovery in defining solutions to addiction and strategies for supporting recovery. 

  • PRCC seeks to collaborate, share its experience, and assist other recovery community organizations in building equal opportunity state-wide for access to recovery resources and supports. 

  • PRCC believes in the power of love and service as central to recovery. We speak and act from the heart.