Growing Recovery Strong Communities in Maine: Recovery centers are formed by people in recovery for people in recovery

September 4, 2022

By Leslie Clark, PRCC Executive Director Let me start with a confession. Not so many years ago, I didn’t even know what a recovery community center was. I’d been driving by the newly started Portland Recovery Community Center (PRCC) on my daily route, and noticed the building. I’d been hearing casual conversations about what was […]

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Peer Recovery Coaching: Providing support and guidance along your path

October 4, 2021

By Leslie Clark, PRCC Executive Director What is a peer recovery coach? A peer recovery coach occupies a unique role in a recoveree’s personal journey. They offer coaching at every recovery community center in Maine, as well as increasingly in treatment centers, outpatient clinics and corrections facilities. Since 2018 Portland Recovery Community Center (PRCC) has […]

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