Interested in sharing your experience to help others and keep our center going?

Volunteers at Portland Recovery Community Center are an integral part of our overall mission.

We could not exist without them! We are founded on the premise of providing “peer-to-peer” recovery support and building community to provide a safe haven for people from every addiction recovery pathway. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to help people from your community who are on a lifelong journey of recovery from addiction, and to spread the message of hope to others.

There are many ways to volunteer at PRCC. Volunteers can serve at the center as:

Front Desk-Visitor Service Volunteers

Special Services and Skill Volunteers

Telephone Recovery Support (TRS) Volunteers

Cleaning and Grounds Volunteers

Recovery Coaches

Administrative Project Volunteers

Telephone Recovery Support (TRS) Volunteers and Recovery Coaches provide direct support to people in recovery – we provide the training!

Starting a new group, speaking at events, and helping with fundraising projects are also ways to volunteer at PRCC.

Volunteer orientation occurs every Tuesday at 10:30am at the PRCC. If you cannot make it at that time, please call the center to schedule an orientation. For more information, call 207-553-2575 or email info@portlandrecovery.org.