Maine Recovery Hub

How We Can Help:

PRCC serves as Maine’s Recovery Hub, developing and coordinating a network of recovery community centers, recovery coaches, support services, prevention efforts, and advocacy. There are currently 19 recovery community centers in Maine, and that number is growing.

Success depends on recovering people and volunteers who organize and are the backbone of each RCC and who serve as peer recovery coaches and leaders. Each peer center will have their own team of volunteer recovery coaches to deploy within their centers and in the community, building recovery capital with individuals and as communities. In time, the network of coaches throughout the state will be dense and integrated and will connect with law enforcement, educational institutions, health care providers including emergency rooms in their local areas. As the Recovery Hub, PRCC is well positioned to mobilize the independent voice of recovery in Maine, along with other RCCs in Maine and across the nation.

How the Hub Can Help You

The Maine Recovery Hub offers help and guidance to communities looking to open RCCs. Our hope is that these supports will enable you to serve your recovery community, and ultimately contribute to the flourishing of recovery in Maine. Guides and templates offered in this packet are just the beginning—through regular meetings with centers throughout Maine, the Hub facilitates a space of ongoing mutual support among centers so that we can encourage and learn from one another.

The Hub has developed a peer recovery coaching infrastructure including Recovery Coach Academies, Continuing Education (Ethics, Coaching in the Emergency Room), Coacher-vision, and Train-the-Trainers. In addition, the Hub oversees the Maine Board Certification to register and certify recovery coaches.

The Hub maintains a state-wide recovery data platform. In addition, the Hub maintains up-to-date lists of substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery resources.

Get in Touch: The Hub is here to support YOU. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need any kind of assistance to Nicole Proctor, Program Director of the Maine Recovery Hub at