Recovery Coaching

PRCC provides Recovery Coaching: an innovative peer-to-peer support service.

PRCC Provides Recovery Coaching:

An innovative peer-to-peer support service. Recovery coaching helps individuals in recovery identify their own unique pathway to a joyful life. By providing a framework for setting goals, recovery coaches meet recoverees where they are at, connecting the recovering person with community-based services and resources so that the recoveree is empowered to recover.

PRCC Recovery Coaches:

Promote Recovery

Remove Barriers

Build Recovery Capital

Connect Recoverees with Recovery Support

Recovery coaches are not therapists, counselors, clinicians, clergy or 12 step sponsors. They occupy a very unique and distinct lane on the recovery highway.

Recovery coaching at PRCC is provided by trained recovery coaches, free of charge. All recovery coaches have completed a minimum of 30 hours of Recovery Coach Academy Certified Training.

Interested in meeting with a peer recovery coach? Call us at 207-553-2575 or to learn how to get started. Anyone who is seeking to initiate or sustain their recovery is welcome.

Interested in becoming a peer recovery coach and helping others? Check out PRCC’s Trainings section to learn more.