PRCC Mission & Vision

As a recovery community organization, PRCC’s mission is to provide support, education, resources, and advocacy for people recovering from and affected by addiction, and to spread the message of hope throughout the state of Maine and beyond.

PRCC’s vision is that every person affected by addiction in Maine will have direct access to a local recovery community center that provides support, education, and individual resources to enhance their ability to heal, strengthen and grow in their recovery pathway, throughout all stages of their journey.

Meetings & Activities

Choose from 53 weekly meetings & activities that support multiple pathways of recovery.

Trainings & Public Education

Want to become a recovery coach? Need a workplace or community training? PRCC has you covered.

Volunteer & Advocate

We recover and we give back! Learn how to use your voice in support of the recovery movement in Maine.

Find or Start a Center

The Maine Recovery Hub is made up of sixteen recovery community centers that provide recovery support in their communities.

Latest Posts

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A Common Co-Existence: Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorder

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No Single One, There Are Many Paths

By Leslie Clark, PRCC Executive Director There is no one pathway to recovery. Unless you’re talking about what got you there in the first place—waking up in jail, a trip to the emergency room, an ultimatum from your boss or […]

Recovery Community Centers Offer Good Soil for a Place to Grow

By Leslie Clark, PRCC Executive Director You don’t get over addiction by stopping using, you get over addiction by creating a new life Recovery is a life-long journey of learning and growing. In early recovery, the focus is on getting […]

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All services at the Portland Recovery Community Center are free of charge. A safe place to go and a kind hello can make all the difference to someone who is in the early days of recovery. To keep our doors open, we rely on the support of generous donations.

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PRCC is a recovery community organization with an emphasis on community.

We are people in recovery supporting people in recovery at our center in Portland. We are recovery coaches training other recovery coaches throughout Maine. We are a recovery community organization that helps to develop other recovery community organizations in our state. Every service we offer, we model in our own lives.

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Our Sponsors

Programs are made possible through funding and participation by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services and the generous support of local foundations and individuals.