Harnessing Recovery Capital: A Strategic Approach to Well-being


Harnessing Recovery Capital: A Strategic Approach to Well-being

by Josh Warren

Recovery is a journey filled with
many milestones and challenges.
It’s about more than just stopping
harmful habits — it’s about building
a strong foundation for a healthier
life. This foundation includes items
often overlooked, such as access to
transportation for meetings, having
a primary care physician, a stable
source of income, connection to a
loved one, and knowing where the
next meal comes from.

These fundamental aspects of life and
recovery are collectively known as an
individual’s recovery capital.

Understanding Recovery Capital
Recovery isn’t just about willpower or
what’s inside of you, it’s about having
the right tools and support to help
you along the way. Imagine recovery
capital as your personal toolkit
for staying on track and feeling
supported during your journey.

It includes feeling connected to your
community, staying healthy, having
a safe place to live, and finding a
job or going to school. These are all
parts of what helps you stay on track.
Your coach will help you identify and
access these resources.

Meet Your Recovery Coach
Your recovery coach is like your
guide on this journey. They’re there
to help you figure out what tools
you have in your toolkit and how
to use them. Using motivation,
understanding, trust, and teamwork,
your coach will help you make a plan
that fits your life. Your coach will
also help you identify any barriers
or challenges you may face and work
with you to overcome them.

Exploring these assets and limitations
honestly and collaboratively
establishes a substantial and
strengths-based recovery plan.

Assessing Your Progress
Checking in regularly helps you and
your coach see what’s working and
what might need more attention.
It’s like taking a snapshot of your
progress. This way, you can see how
far you’ve come and what steps you
need to take next. Your coach will
help you set goals and track your
progress over time.

Overcoming Barriers
Sometimes there are barriers to
getting the help you need. This
could include not having enough
support from friends and family or
not knowing about all the resources
available to you. Your recovery coach
can help you figure out how to
overcome these barriers and
make the most of what you have.
They’ll also help you develop
strategies for coping with stress
and managing cravings.

The Power of Recovery Capital
Sustained recovery, in part, is
born out of taking honest stock of
what resources are available in the
community, and recognizing and
utilizing the adaptive skills within.
Those who are meeting with recovery
coaches can better expand their views
and perceptions of their environment.

Developing your recovery capital
creates a roadmap — one that is
rooted in strength, resilience, and
the unwavering belief in the power
of the human spirit to overcome
adversity. By focusing on these key
aspects of recovery and working with
your coach, you can build a solid
foundation for a healthier and happier
life. Remember, you’re not alone on
this journey — your recovery coach
and support network are here to help
you every step of the way.

–Published in Journey Magazine–